15th Annual Peace Walk

This past Tuesday (July 30) I joined a peace walk led by Rev Kanaeda.

We covered about 10 miles together, started downtown at the Japanese historical plaza, looped around the pioneer square and then around the pearl district, then crossed the Steel, north along MLK, then East along Alberta, and finally south on 42nd ave, to Shaver and the Wilshire Methodist Native American church. (I ran an additional 4 miles distance from my home in the Cully area.)

There were 20 of us participating, including a driver who brought us lunch half way through the walk, and two people who were at the church who prepared dinner for us. The youngest was an 9 year old, along with his siblings a 15 yro, and 18 yro, and their dad. Most of the walkers, 16 or so had joined Rev Kanaeda from Salem on July 26, and walking 10 miles each day at a different city, until they make it up to Seattle on the August 6th for the zero-day memorial event on the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.

This was my first time, and I participated by carrying the Free Los Ninos banner that my friend Teresa Roberts had made, that I first carried on July 4th for the Sauvie Island Flats marathon.

I would like to invite my neighbors and fellow citizens to join me in a weekly mindful peace run / walk practice around our neighborhood, so that we can keep this going, develop ourselves mentally/physically/spiritually and also connect with our neighbors.

We get enough people participating in neighborhood walks and next year we can have more people from Portland joining Rev Kanaeda on the next peace walk.