Food Justice Talk / Salad Roll Cooking Demo

Food has become a bigger issue with rapidly increasing home prices, stagnant wages, and decreasing government funding. We need to come up with better ways to help our neighbors that are housed and unhoused who are struggling to get their food needs met.

Let us get together to discuss how we can come together as a community for taking action on food justice options, in long term sustainable ways.

The Wy’east UU congregation that I participate in am considering starting a food justice group. The specific task that we’re looking at taking on is providing / prepping up to 170 meals per week starting in late September.

I’m suggesting that we look at enlisting the help of everyone in the community in doing a joint action that is more sustainable. Looking at connecting different groups and interests into a more collaborative effort.

– Many of us like to garden and we can help each other grow excess fresh veggies and fruits to donate to the cause

– There are many businesses that can sponsor or donate food items, especially grocery stores and restaurants. A friend of mine is a chef and works in a grocery store, and she has insights for us to approach restaurants and grocery stores, and willing to help guide our effort.

– We need to make it fun, and we can get together for volunteer potlucks and cooking demos to share recipes and family / cultural knowledge that otherwise could get lost.

– We can outreach to other groups who already do this and coordinating so that we all do this better, share know-how, resources, and volunteers.

So on August there will be free food, I would like to share my Cambodian / Southeast asian cuisine with you. I’ll also have a cooking demo and show you how to make gourmet salad rolls that are healthy and delicious, that never fails to impress friends and you can enjoy all summer long.

My girlfriend and I look forward to late spring / early summer when the weather gets warm, we can get fresh vegetables from our garden and the farmers market, to make salad rolls. Salad rolls are not to be confused with the spring roll, which is something else altogether that is fried in deep oil. Salad rolls are made of made out of rice paper, rice noodles, fresh salad, a little meat or tofu alternative.

Salad rolls are really healthy, delicious, easy to make, and I’m going to show you how with a series of videos, and a live cooking demonstration which I want to invite you to attend on Sunday August 11th at the Hollywood Senior Center.

There’s a guided shopping trip the day before. We’ll visit the Pacific Supermarkets, and if there’s time onto Thanh Son Tofu of Portland, and then Hollywood Farmers Market – Portland, Oregon.

Both events are free, with a suggested donation of $20 if you attend both events, or $10 adults / $5 kids for the cooking demo day. I need to cover the costs, and the rest will be donated to the Wy’east UU social justice fund, to start the new food justice initiative that I’m helping to organize.

I won’t turn anyone away.