Food Justice

Everyone has to eat. Food is so basic to our individual needs and human culture. It’s also big business and politics.

The food has to be grown and shipped and marketed, prepared, delivered, and how its done has a big effect on the economy, the environment and global climate change as well.

One of the problems we want to participate in tackling is helping our members to eat better, to grow our own food, to eat together, to help those who are in need, and to use food as a community building tool.

Yu Te: I’m helping my Wy’east UU congregation to organize a food justice group to feed about 140 people, mostly children on a weekly basis. What I learned is that as a small congregation we’re kind of stretched and members might be over loaded. We need also need to figure out how to get kids to eat more healthy, rather than wanting junk food. We need to make this fun to attract more volunteers to decrease the burden on any one member. It may mean partnering up with other organizations that do this such as Free Hot Soup, as well as getting donations from restaurants and grocery stores.