Mastermind for Artist / Activist Entrepreneurs

We’re a collective of entrepreneurs who are artists and/or activists, who are concerned about what’s happening to our community, country, world, and seeking ways to improve our individual and collective state. Yu Te and Sandy Krebs started the group by meeting over the videoconferencing tool Google Hangouts Meet.

The mastermind group is modeled after Benjamin Franklin’s Junto, a club of individuals whom Franklin drew together from different professions for the purpose of mutual improvement through regular meetings and joint projects.

Typically meetings are held on Wednesday 8 am pacific time. We start off with checking in how everyone is doing. During this 1st portion we can participate in collective problem solving.

In the 2nd portion, we review a video submission by one of the members. One of the goals of the mastermind is to help each other be comfortable in front of the camera and being able to use technology to create videos and share online.

Then the 3rd part each member go over what their goals are for the interim to report on for the next meeting.

One of the goals that each of us are working on include writing and maintaining a business plan that we utilize for running our business. A business plan is like a road map that provides guidance for decision making and improving on results.

If you wish to join the mastermind, please contact a member and we’ll be happy to welcome you into the group. Before you can be a member and participate fully you’ll need to observe a few of the meetings.